B.A. Book Club: “How Dogs Learn”

Dog.  Man’s Best Friend.  Our most beloved four-legged companion.  Lover of all things tennis ball shaped, meat scented, and squirrel resembling. Proprietor of sniffs, tummy rubs, and fire hydrants.  Chaser of tails.  Subject of adorable memes: With all of the love and affection surrounding our canine companions, a fundamental concern among every dog owner is…

Ad Campaigns & the Behavioral Principles Behind Them

It’s January in the state of Michigan, which means daylight past 5 pm and temperatures in the double digits are a distant memory of seasons past. As such, more than a fair share of my recent evenings have been spent bundled up indoors, safe from the elements, and cozied up with my Netflix queue geared…

5 Behavioral Strategies to Reduce Screen Time

Behavior analysts are engineers of “the good life.” If there was one universal goal in every treatment plan ever conceived, it would be this: implementing measures to improve & enrich our clients’ quality of life.

Behavior Analysis & Black Friday

The holiday season is officially upon us.  Sounds of Bing Crosby have filled the airwaves, neighborhoods are aglow with LED and twinkle lights, while businesses begin to embrace for one of their biggest paydays of the year – Black Friday.